Learn More Computer and Internet Skills Online

Our goal at the Adult Learning Center in the Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library is to teach the beginner computer and internet skills needed to use web browsers, search for information online, and send email.

Typing, Word Processing, and Internet Security

While we do not offer word processing, typing, or internet security classes, we have found a few great resources you can use on your own to improve your computer skills and become more comfortable with the web.

Developing these skills can help you perform better in school and in the workplace.  Click on the picture of the website you would like to visit to access their website and work through the exercises. 

Typing Web

Typing Web is a free typing tutor program.  Register on the website and track your progress as you complete exercises and improve your keyboard skills.

OnGuard Online

OnGuard Online is a U.S. Government website with articles and videos about all kinds of internet safety.  This link takes you to educational articles about identity theft, email scams, computer security, and more.  Learn how to protect your information online and avoid common internet scams.

Basic Concepts of Microsoft Word

Shauna Kelly's Basic Concepts of Microsoft Word is a step-by-step tutorial.  Learn how to make a resume, letter, or other document in Word. 

Call to Book Basic Computer Training

Call or visit the Adult Learning Center at the Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library.

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(519) 376-6623 ext. 300