Learning Email - 6

Now that you have a working email account, use these tips to protect your information online:

Keep your username and password safe

If you need to write down your username and password so you don't forget them, write them on two seperate sheets of paper.  Put one in your purse or wallet and the other in your pocket.  Only carry them as you travel to the computer and back.  If someone finds one of your pieces of paper, they will not have enough information to access your account.

Do not open emails from unknown senders

Scammers try to get personal information from people through their email accounts.  Reputable companies and agencies like the Canada Revenue Agency or Employment Insurance NEVER ask for personal information by email.  Do not open emails from people you don't know and never send your social insurance number, address, license number or other personal information by email.

Always log out of your email when using a public computer

Sign out every time you leave the computer and when you are finished to keep others from accessing your email account.  Do not save your username or password on public computers.

Congratulations!  You have finished the email lesson.  Log out of your email account before closing the Gmail window.  Then click on Next to return to the homepage and choose a new exercise.

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