Mouserobics Exercise 24

Lincoln is standing on the next number!

To get to Lincoln's feet:

  1. Move the arrow to the lower right corner of this window.
  2. Place the tip of the arrow on the down-facing triangle. 
  3. Hold down the mouse button until you see the number appear below Lincoln's feet.
Look for this button on your scroll bar to move the page down (but don't click this one):

Clicking the arrow button to see more of the page is called scrolling down.

To see the upper part of the page again, use the up-facing arrow in the top right of this screen.  This is called scrolling up.

Scroll up and down a few times using the triangle buttons to see the entire page.

While you are scrolling up and down, notice that the bar between the two arrows also moves up and down.

Another way to scroll is to click and hold the mouse pointer on that bar and move the mouse up and down.  This is called scrolling.

The up and down arrows and the space in between them is called the scroll bar.

Click the 25 below Lincoln's feet to move to the next exercise.


This political cartoon, "Long Abraham Lincoln a Little Longer," was published by Harper's Weekly on November 26, 1864 after Lincoln won his second presidential election.

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