Mouserobics Exercise 30

Congratulations! This is the last exercise.

Now let's go over everything we've learned about using the mouse.

Remember to use the down pointing arrow and scroll bar to move to the bottom of the page.  When you are finished, click the button at the bottom to return to the home page and choose a new lesson.

1.  Click the highlighted number to open a pop up window.  Use the "X" to close the new window.

13 13 13
13 13 13
13 13 13

2.  Use the radio buttons to choose "Expert."




3.  Use the checkboxes to choose "Green."  Make sure none of the other checkboxes are selected.


4.  Use the dropdown menu to choose "Winter."  Remember to click on the word inside the menu to make your choice.

5.  Now fill in the form with answers to the following questions:

A. What is your favourite colour?            
B. Are you wearing shoes or boots?          
C. What year were you born?                   

6.  Nice work!  Now click this button to return to the home page, where you can move on to the next lesson.

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