Searching the Internet - 5

Now that your browser windows are ready, let's try a few searching exercises.

First, we will search for a poem about spring. Do you know this one?
"Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where de birdies is."

Type the word spring into the Google search bar.

Then click on the "Google Search" button to tell the computer to start searching.

The next page you see is called the "results" page.  Look in the blue bar above the results to see how many webpages Google found with the word "spring."  There are over 300 MILLION results!

How will we ever find our poem?  We need to be more specific.

Let's give the Google search engine more information.  This time, type spring sprung into the search bar, then click the "Search" button.

This is helpful, but we still have over 3 million results.  Google found every page on the internet with the words spring and sprung somewhere on the page.  Still, we reduced the amount of results from over 300 million to 3 million by using more words.

Search Rule #1- Use More Words

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