Web Browsers- Internet Explorer Part Three

What Do the Web Browser Buttons Do?

The top part of the Internet Explorer web browser has several buttons to help you move around the internet.

This is what those buttons do!

Clicking the Back button returns you to the last webpage you were on.

Clicking the Forward button will take you to a page you went back from.

The Stop button tells the web browser to stop loading the current webpage

If the webpage you are trying to view does not load, use the Refresh button to tell Internet Explorer to download it again. You can also use this button to get the latest copy of a page that updates regularly.

Clicking the Home button takes you back to the first page Internet Explorer shows when it opens.

The Search button opens a search bar you can use to look for other webpages on the internet. You will learn more about searching the internet in our other lessons.

The Favorites button opens a list of websites you have added to your Favorites. The Add to Favorites button allows you to save the page you are on to this list.

The Page icon opens a dropdown menu that lets you save, print, or email the page.

The Print icon lets you see what the page will look like printed on paper and print the page.

This bar opens dropdown menus with a variety of saving, printing, viewing, and setting options.

Click the next button to move to the next exercise.

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