Mouserobics Exercise 29

Some websites include forms with boxes to type in information.  For example, if you are applying for a job, you may need to enter personal information into an online form.

Forms have one or more of these text boxes, and usually have a button at the end to send all of the information you filled in to the person requesting it.

Try filling out this form:

  1. To begin, click inside the box to move your mouse pointer into the form.
  2. Type the requested information in the first box.
  3. Move your mouse pointer to the next box.  Click once inside the box, then type.
  4. Repeat until you reach the end of the form.

A. What is your first name?            
B. What town do you live in?           
C. Do you own any pets?                  
D. Where did you grow up?              
E. What is your favourite hobby?     

This is a practice exercise and the information typed into the form is not actually sent anywhere on the internet.  However, most online forms email everything you type in to the person who made the form.

Only fill in forms when you trust the person or company requesting the information.

Now click the button to go to the last exercise.

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