Searching the Internet - 9

Now, let's try searching for something else.  In this exercise, we will have to be even more specific.

We're looking for a man named Walt... but not Walt Disney.

Type the word walt into the search box.  Then click on Google Search.

The results page shows us that Google found over 41 million webpages with "walt" somewhere on the page.  How will we ever find the Walt we're looking for?

Also, most of these results are about the famous Walt Disney.

It would help if we could get rid of all of the results on Walt Disney.  To do this, we use the minus sign (-). 

Type into the search box:

walt -disney

Then click Google Search.

This time, Google found about 23 million results, and none are about Walt Disney.  The search engine automatically took away the webpages on Walt Disney for us.

Search Rule #5- Exclude Words with the Minus (-) Sign

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