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Mouserobics is a series of exercises to teach you how to use the mouse to tell the computer what you want it to do.  Learn how to hold the mouse, move the mouse pointer on the screen, and click the mouse to make selections.

Internet Basics is a two-part lesson about how the internet and web browsers work.  You will learn how to move from one page to another on the internet and what the icons on your web browser do as you navigate your way through these practical exercises.

Searching the Net shows you how to use Google, a popular search engine, to find the information you need on the internet. Discover tips and tricks to find useful webpages faster and stop getting lost on the web!

Learn to Email allows you to set up your own email account.  After completing this lesson, you will be able to communicate online with family, friends, and potential employers.

The Library's Adult Learning Center in Owen Sound provides access to adult learning and literacy courses, affordable internet, and computer skills training.

Computer Basics Training is part of the Community Access Program, sponsored by Industry Canada and in cooperation with the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library.

When you visit the center, a CAP trainer or volunteer will assess your current skill level and assist you in working through group or individual computer lessons on this website. You will learn to search for information online, understand how the internet works, and set up your own email account.

You can also use this website on your home computer, or on a public computer at the library, to get more practice and become comfortable with computers and the internet.

Want to learn how to type, write a resume, or use different computer programs?  Visit this page for links to a few great learning resources we've found on the web.

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