Searching the Internet - 7

Now let's try searching for information on our local hockey team, the Owen Sound Attack.

First, type the word attack into the Google search bar.

Then click on Google Search.

Look at the top right corner of the results bar. 

Google found over 210 million results because the search engine found every webpage on the internet with the word "attack" on it.

We need to be more specific.

Let's give Google some more information.  This time, type:

attack hockey

into the search engine box.  Then click on Google Search.

This time, Google found over 18 million results.  But look at the results... our Owen Sound Attack Hockey webpage is at the top of the list.

Google found every page on the internet with the words "attack" and "hockey."  But we gave enough information to find the page we were looking for.

Search Rule #3- Use Unique Words

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