Web Browsers- Internet Explorer Part Four

What Are Favorites?

The Favorites feature is very useful because it lets you save webpages you visit often or want to return to later.

The web browser "remembers" the addresses of your favorite websites so you don't have to remember and type it in later.

How Do You Add Webpages to Your Favorites List?

1.  When you want to save the webpage you are currently viewing so you can come back to it later, click on either the Add Favorites icon (with the green plus sign) or the Favorites option on the menu bar:


These two choices will do the same thing and let you add a Favorite.

Add a Favorite with the Star Icon

Let's see how you add a Favorite with the Favorites star icon.  You will return to this page when you are finished.

Add a Favorite from the Menu Bar
Now we will practice adding a Favorite from the menu bar.  You will return to this page when you are finished.

Once you have completed both exercises and are comfortable adding Favorites to your list, click the Next button to move to the next exercise.

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